Catelle has been founded on a conscious level from seeing my clients suffer from hair growth and the pain of waxing at home with inferior products, the lack of ease to use and inferior results  

Hi, I'm Krissie!

After 20 years as a Beauty Therapist, I understand the pain of unwanted hair growth, so Catelle was born to empower those who want to wax in the comfort of their own space and with a range that is kind to the Earth.

After years of seeing clients struggle with hair growth and waxing at home I developed the 'Squeezee' range of hot wax applicators so that at any time or anywhere they could heat the applicators and wax very easily without the problems you have with the normal method of waxing with a pot and spatula. I was also very conscious of our footprint on our Earth and that some ingredients are very harmful to the skin and environment so I have created the finest cleanest wax that is biodegradable so we can have a positive impact with our beauty choices – so let’s make the conscious choice to change with our refillable Squeezee and wax Stix!

Minimal wastage

Yes! you got it -  the Squeezee has at least a 10 year shelf life, so all you do is refill and reheat and wax!

Only the good

No nasties, no animal testing, no palm oil, just great wax you can reheat and use time again without compromise!