How do I heat the Squeezee Applicator

Place the CATELLE Brush Applicator in a microwave, on a stove top in water that is covering at least 1/2 the Squeezee and heat in 40-second intervals, take out and roll in your hands to move the wax around until the wax is the consistency of thick honey. A full Applicator usually takes up to five to six 30-second intervals to melt the wax to the desired consistency. (Actual heat times may vary depending on your microwave or stove top and the amount of wax in the Applicator.)

If wax is too hot, allow to cool and thicken in the microwave or on the stove top before removing. A good gauge is if you cannot hold the Catelle Squeezee Applicator in your hand the wax too hot.

To heat in wax pot Turn wax pot onto 65 degrees celesius put in the Squeezee and wait for 15 minutes,


NOTE: To ensure even heating and optimal performance of wax, gently roll semi-melted wax between each 40-second microwave/stove top interval.(please see instructional video)and instructions in box

How do I ensure the wax is the right temperature for the Squeezee application

Once you have followed the first step of heating the Catelle Squeezee Applicator, all of the wax is melted, you are able to move the wax around in the Applicator and it feels like runny honey inside you are ready to test patch the wax on your wrist following the steps below.

Gently squeeze the Applicator with your hand allowing enough wax to come out and cover half of the head of the Squeezee.

If it looks like runny honey then it is the right temperature.(Caution if its too hot it will burn)

Gently squeeze the wax out of the Applicator onto the inner side of your wrist - it should feel quiet warm but not hot; pushing the head into the inner side of your wrist it should be the thickness of a banana peel or slightly thinner. Press the wax into the area and remove from wrist to elbow

If the Wax is too cool reheat for 40 seconds on stove top, Microwave or wax heater till you get the above result.

Please see instructional video this step

How do I know which direction to apply the Squeezee Applicator to the hair

Apply the wax AGAINST the direction of hair growth for short hair,

1. Bikini

2. Lip

3. Chin

4. Cheeks

5. Eyebrows

Apply wax WITH the direction of growth for longer hair

1. Legs

2. Arms

3. Under Arms

How many times can I wax over the same area

The safest amount of time to wax over an area is twice especially on the face.

How often do I wax to get the best results

The best time between waxes is 4 to 6 weeks depending on your hair growth as everyone is different and sometimes there is a special occasion where you need to do a wax inbetween. Leaving facial hair for that lenght of time can be a challenge and its a good idea to cut the hairs while waiting for the rest to come through so you get a good lenght of time after your wax where the skin is smooth before the next lot of growth comes through.

For optimal results always use the pre and post wax lotions to give professional results, minimise redness and ingrown hairs.

Also a tip is to breath out when pulling the wax off and press down firmly after taking the wax off to calm the nerves in the area.

How do I clean the wax off the Squeezee Applicator?

As the Catelle Squeezee Applicator is made from medical grade silicone once the wax is cold it simply peels off the head, if you get wax on your fingers use an oil to remove from your fingertips, if this happens it normally means the wax is too warm to remove from the head.

How do I refill the Squeezee Applicator

The best way to refill the Applicator is either when wax is still warm or waiting till the wax is cold and then roll and crush the wax to the bottom of the Applicator and refill through the head of the Applicator, sometimes you will need to snap the Wax Stix to refill and get as many stix's as you can to reheat and be wax ready

What type of wax is in the Squeezee Applicator

The wax in the Applicator is hot or hard wax that is especially great for facial, underarm, bikini, brows, lip are what we call terminal hair - thick coarse hair - so other areas like the back of the thigh, inner thigh, linear alba - or the hair trail from the belly button to bikini line. Read how to apply to know what direction to apply the wax in for these areas.

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