At Catelle, we realize that the way we’ve waxed at home for the last 4 decades is not necessarily the best way for you or the environment. So, let’s make the change to be better and be conscious of our beauty choices!

Single-use plastic pots are not on our radar nor are plastics. We use reusable and refillable products that give you a superior wax and doesn’t harm the environment!

Catelle cares about what goes into landfill. Our ‘Squeezee’ Applicator will last you a long time — at least 10 years, and due to its properties, it's the most hygienic way to wax! So that means no more single use wax pots and wooden spatula's ending up in landfill

Also do you know over 2 billion popsicle sticks are thrown out and not recycled? Not at Catelle!

No need for a wooden spatula! The bristle head is designed to lift and mold the hair into the wax for a clean smooth removal. Once you have finished simply peel the cold wax off the bristle, refill with the Wax Stix and your Squeezee is waiting ready for the next time you want to wax!