The whole ordeal of putting down a sheet to stop the dripping wax or getting it all over your face except the area you want to wax is over!


  • 1. Fill the Squeezee with Wax Stixs

  • 2. Heat it

  • 3. Apply it on your skin

You simply fill through the head of the ‘Squeezee’ with our Wax Stix

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Then, heat in the microwave, stove top, or wax pot 'till the desired temperature – we have great videos and an instructional pamphlet!

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Test patch on your wrist and apply to the area to be waxed, press it into the skin and hair wait for it to cool and remove. No dripping, no spatula to keep twirling to stop the dripping and so simple!

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ultimate home hot waxing secrets

Learn the best tips and tricks to get at salon results at home!


Move onto the Catelle ’Squeezee’

Our ‘Squeezee’ is made from medical grade silicone and is refillable, reusable and better for the environment!

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Over 2 billion popsicle sticks and wooden spatulas are thrown out every year, and cannot be recycled due to the wax on them. Not Catelle! We use silicone spatula and the refillable ‘Squeezee’ so the only thing you throw out is the discarded wax!